Home and Community Habilitation Services assists people in achieving increased independence in a variety of areas, in both the home and community setting. Home and Community (HCH) services are available to people with a qualifying ID diagnosis who reside independently, with family or in certain circumstances, in a residential placement.

Common Areas of Support

Medical/ Health:
Helps people with the developing, improving or maintaining health management skills including scheduling and attending appointments, following a healthy or prescribed diet and managing medications appropriately.

Assists in developing, improving or maintaining financial management skills including general banking skills, creating and following a budget, shopping and record keeping.

Safety Skills:
Supports in developing, improving and maintaining safety skills including those related to fire, traffic and personal safety.

Community Participation:
assists people so that they can become or remain active members of their community. HCH can assist with volunteer opportunities, attending community events, and religious or other group services if desired.

provides people with the opportunity to improve and maintain social skills, friendships and relationships through group activities and community outings.

Self-Help and Household Related Tasks:
assists people with developing, improving and maintaining self-help skills including those related to personal hygiene, general cleaning and household tasks and meal preparation.