Valley Community Services offers Behavioral Support Services to any person eligible for IDD services. These services are offered on an in-home and outside contracting basis. They are available to any individual seeking additional therapeutic support. Individuals seeking this service will undergo a comprehensive assessment with our Behavior Specialist team so they can develop a care plan to support the participant and provide appropriate training to staff.

A dedicated team of five Behavior Support Specialists work together to formulate specialized plans for individuals. They work under the supervision of Licensed Psychologist and Certified School Psychologist, William Janes. Mr. Janes has over 40 years of experience helping people with intellectual disabilities achieve their goals through positive approaches.

Our team works alongside the individuals and their families to assure their goals align with the interventions outlined in the service plan. When developing these interventions, our team focuses on positive reinforcements and least restrictive interventions. Our Behavior Specialists also meet with family members and care providers to ensure all parties involved with the person have a thorough understanding of the support plan. 

Behavioral Support Services are designed to be ongoing to provide the highest quality of care for an individual. With the collaboration of an individual and a specialist, updates can be made to support plans as behaviors improve or change.

Our mission is to help individuals decrease unwanted behaviors/emotions that may be causing increasing levels of distress. We utilize clinical and behavioral interventions to help people regain their confidence and learn healthy skills that they can take into the community environment. Behavioral Supports play a crucial role in promoting better ways to manage thoughts, feelings, and actions. Our responsibility is to ensure the safety of people while advocating for their inclusion within their community


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