Valley Community Services provides specialized Community Living Arrangement (CLA) services for people with intellectual disabilities. For decades, VCS has offered CLA options all across Western Pennsylvania. CLAs give individuals the opportunity to interact with others in a comfortable home setting.

In a CLA, individuals will acquire, maintain, or improve skills necessary to live in the community, to live more independently, and to participate meaningfully in community life. This program provides for an individual’s health and safety with the goal of high quality of life.


Currently, VCS provides CLA services in the following counties below.

Supports and Services

In our homes, we provide support and assistance in the following areas, but not limited to: self-care, health care, financial management, relationship development and socialization,  and participating in the community. 

VCS offers in-agency psychological support services, 24-hour nurse consulting, and an attentive emergency services system. People who receive CLA services are encouraged to participate in their community. Many are involved with nearby churches, banks, restaurants, parks, and they often attend local events.

Personalized Care

VCS offers specialized care that can be altered to accommodate individual behaviors. Individuals are provided with a personalized program plan that is tailored to their needs. The type and amount of assistance is determined by the assessed need for assistance established through the person-centered planning processes. 

An individual, personalized care plan is meant to help the individual gain more independence and achieve their desired goals. We create this plan and provide this support while respecting the personal rights and routines that are crucial for growth.  

All services are coordinated with families, doctors, and social service agencies.

Our Staff

All direct support staff go through an extensive training program to provide people with high-quality support services. Psychological care is provided by a team of industry professionals. This team consists of behavior specialists as well as our head psychologist, who is an expert in the field and a former employee of Polk Center. In addition to in-agency staff, medical care is provided by local physicians, dentists, clinics, hospitals, and other community medical centers. 

"It is always our goal to go above and beyond the standard to enhance the quality of life for the individuals we serve."

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