In-Home and Community Supports is a type of assistance that helps participants maintain and improve the skills they need to live more independently and engage in the community.

We provide assistance and support to individuals so they can learn a variety of life skills. The assessed needs established through the person-centered planning processes determine the type of support provided. The support is provided in order to increase the participant’s autonomy and accomplish their desired results.  Our staff works one-on-one with individuals on their own personal goals.

VCS Common Areas of Support:

Helps individuals with maintaining health management skills. This includes scheduling and attending appointments as well as following a balanced diet and managing medications properly.

Assists in developing, improving, and maintaining financial management skills like general banking, creating and following a budget, shopping, and record keeping.

Safety Skills:
Supports in developing and improving safety skills, including those related to fire, traffic, and personal safety.

Community Participation:
Assists people so that they can become or remain active members of their community. IHCS can assist with volunteer opportunities, attending community events, and religious or other group services if desired.

Provides people with the opportunity to improve and maintain social skills, friendships, and relationships through group activities and community outings.

Self-help and Household Related Tasks:
Assists people with developing, improving, and maintaining self-help skills, including those related to personal hygiene, general cleaning, household tasks, and meal preparation.

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