Our six Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF/ID) provide residential services to people with intellectual and physical disabilities.

ICF services are geared toward individuals with developmental disabilities who require comprehensive and individualized health care and rehabilitation services in order to promote functional status and independence.

Our six ICF homes are located in several communities, and they each support four to eight adults. Direct Support Professionals along with our nursing staff are able to provide 24-hour care and health services. Each home is equipped with a team of nurses that are assigned to the house.

Staff in our ICFs are devoted and specially trained to assist individuals that are medically fragile. Because of this level of responsibility, ICFs offer the ideal home and consistent care for those that were previously in institutions. The staff is dedicated to providing quality care and making sure that all the individuals’ rights are being valued and adhered to.

Currently, our ICF homes are located in the counties of Butler, Westmoreland, and Somerset


Along with care, the staff is also trained to actively help individuals learn self-help skills as well as develop their current skills. The staff provides support in daily cooking, cleaning, attending medical appointments, and participating in community events. These skills are meant to help the individual function more independently in the community.

We provide a “family-like” atmosphere in each home, by decorating and making the home comfortable for each resident. We provide personalization to each person’s room, featuring their interests and hobbies. We ensure that the individuals are able to participate in activities within the home and in the community. ICFs are tailored to specifically help those with special needs in order to provide them with the best quality care.

Click Here to view our ICF Implementation Plan for Reopening in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

The McCarthy Center

VCS operates the McCarthy Center located in the Mt. Pleasant, Westmoreland County area. This center provides our individuals the basic skills they need to enter sheltered workshops or to find meaningful employment opportunities. The McCarthy Center operates as a day program for individuals within our Intermediate Care Facilities. 

The individuals are given the opportunity to learn skills outside of their home to lead to a more independent lifestyle. Our main focus is giving support in general areas like life skills, communication skills, and pre-vocational skills. 

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