Jermaine’s Journey

Jermaine loves to stay active.


For a decade, Jermaine has been a kingpin. No, he does not lead a criminal enterprise. When he isn’t at his residence at Valley Community Services, he owns the bowling alley.

After following him around for a day, it is apparent his life revolves around the bowling alley. As an employee at Zone 28 in Hamarville, Jermaine might just be their most frequent face! Not only is he present every Thursday to collect a paycheck, he is also there other days throughout the week. He continuously sharpens his bowling skills, has fun at the arcade and on his way out, picks up his favorite meal from the restaurant.

Jermaine is never alone on his adventures. Along with DSPs, he also has the support of Brittany, a Freelance Habilitation Technician. Having known Jermaine for two years, she has shared many adventures with him thus far. 

Along with days at Zone 28, Carnivals and Art Museums have also been some of the most frequent activities on their itinerary.

Previously working at Zone 28 in addition of two decades as a Direct Support Professional, Brittany has been an ardent supporter of Jermaine’s employment.

When talking with both Jermaine and Brittany, it was clear that Zone 28 and bowling were only tips of the iceberg. Quickly after asking what he’d like to do next, his excitement became palpable. “Swimming!” he said, “I want to go swimming.”

Not long after the day at Zone 28, Jermaine was already hitting the pool at the YMCA, in one of the first Special Olympics Swimming Competitions of the season.

From October 2023, Jermaine has been competing for Team Westmoreland in the Pennsylvania Special Olympics. Jermaine has frequently found himself in the finals for both sports, which see 150 participants compete against one another.

With less than one year of Special Olympics competition under his belt, Jermaine has won GOLD. First, taking top honors at the Bowling finals in December as well as the Swimming finals which recently concluded on March 23. 

With these gold medals and a Silver won at the swimming finals to boot, it begs a question:

Will more medals adorn his neck? It’s likely.