Our Supported Employment Services give individuals the chance to work and serve their communities. Any eligible adult searching for employment can participate in Supported Employment Services. Supported Employment Services consist of three components: career assessment, job searching, and job guidance and support.

Career Assessment

A career assessment is a specialized, person-centered job evaluation that can be used to help people identify exciting career opportunities. This evaluation is completed by participants receiving Supported Employment Services in order to establish their unique vocational interests and talents. Career assessment could include discovery activities in a variety of settings to determine interest in different work environments. 

Job Searching

We assist individuals participating in Supported Employment Services by helping them develop skills to become more competitive in the job market. Job finding, resume creation, and interview preparation are all part of the job searching process.

Some participants may require employment that is tailored to their specific needs.  We do this by matching the employer’s needs with the participant’s talents, abilities, and interests, either through task reassignment or job sharing. This service may also include negotiating  the terms of employment like compensation, hours, and assistance.

Guidance and Support

Job guidance and support consist of on-the-job training or continued support with participants and their employers. Supported Employment Services can help with on-site job support after a person has found employment, ensuring that the person can perform their job duties. Staff can also ensure that the workplace has the essential accommodations and assistive technology for the job. Supported Employment Services can also help clients understand their salary and employer-provided benefits.

Our staff has also been known to assist people with skills that may help them acquire a job. For example, VCS staff taught a person how to read so that he could perform in a work setting. Employment supports give individuals the chance to be more independent and find a career they will enjoy and succeed in

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