Fun in the sun

Time is running short to fit in sun-filled vacations. But before summer comes to an end, people within the agency have been going on trips and experiencing other adventures.

CK recently went on an eight-day vacation to Disney World. CK took advantage of his time and planned activities to fill up every minute of the day. This included visiting every park, and even attending a few shows. CK also spent some time experiencing different cultures in Epcot Park. CK enjoyed his trip and was excited that he was able to do it himself.

TC took his first trip ever since being with the agency! He went on a short-distance trip but still had the chance to get away for a few days. He stayed in an Airbnb located in Monroeville. The house had a private pool which made TC’s stay extra special. Program Manager, Billie Jo Solomon, said that TC was ecstatic about his stay and is looking forward to going on his next trip.

JH recently celebrated her birthday with a day at the stables. She visited Stoneybrook Riding Center, where the staff decorated the stables for JH’s birthday. She spent the day petting horses and walking them around the grounds. Program Manager, Dawn Sladky, said that Stoneybrook set up a beautiful celebration for JH and that she could see JH was overjoyed.